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Enterprise culture

KCB culture

Focusing on general interest
Whether KCB overall interest will be affected shall be considered when prepare to do something.

Pursuit of perfect
When completing a job or conducting a plan, you shall firstly feel satisfactory, continually summarize and promote personal ethnics & ability.

Paying more attention to teamwork
Solve the problems or complete the tasks with others’ help. You can not succeed without others’ participation.

Proposing frank communication
The problems can only be effectively solved with mutual confidence and frank communication; no problems raised, no resolution appeared.

Encouraging difference and discussion
Our strength comes out of member of KCB team, who possess different backgrounds & knowledge; you can positively express ideas and draw other’s experience and suggestions.

Respect to others and words matching with the actions.
Harmonic work environment and friendly workmate relationship will ensure your career happy and efficient.

100% compliance with the regulations
Each staff shall comply with KCB’s decisions or regulations. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.

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