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The Result of CNCA Management System Certification, Supervision and Inspection in 2016 Has Been Announced
Aug 19,2017
At the beginning of 2016, according to the 51stprovision of People`s Republic of China Certification And Accreditation Regulations and related requirements of Notice of General Office of The State Council On Standardizing The Course-Post Regulation In The Promotion Of Random Check and Several Opinions Of General Office Of The State Council On The Use Of Dig Data To Strengthen Market Service And Supervision, CNCA launched the "Double Random, One Public" management system certification special inspection work. Now, all the inspection of the work is ended and the check result is announced. Through "Double Random" spot check, we effectively prevent the "willful audit", "human audit", so that the certification audit result becomes more veritable, effective and transparent. It is of great significance to promote the fairness of market competition environment, public entrepreneurship and innovation.
From 362,400 quality management system certification results, CNCA drew 1000 certification results at random for the annual inspection. It related to 89 certification institutions, among which 30 institutions more than 10certification results had drawn, 40 institutions had more than 5 results drawn. As a result, there were 39 institutions with no certification problems, accounting for 44%; there were 38 institutions with1~3 outstanding problems, accounting for 43%; there were 12 institutions with more than 3 outstanding problems, accounting for 13%.Local certification supervision departments have filed or punished 13 cases, interviewed and warned 54 certification institutions, and issued 139 copies of rectification notice of certification supervision.
As early as the end of 2014, with the emphasis of deepening certification audit quality supervision, improving certification quality and optimizing service level, according to the object of improving enterprise risk awareness and management level, KaiXin Company has already improved the certification audit quality level, further strengthened the service consciousness and service function of company personnel, and achieved a good social effect through measures such as establishing rules and regulations, supervising on-site audit personnel and improving the professional quality of audit personnel. Our company developed a method of quality supervision and management in the certification process and standardized the audit personnel`s behavior. The company`s quality department conducted track inspection of the auditors` on-site audit, truthfully filled in the inspection record sheet,kept the full traces of spot check of audit quality, which ensured that where the responsibility lies could be ascertained and prevented the occurrence of illegal, foul or false certification audit.
In the "Double Random, One Public" management system certification special inspection work, Kai Xin Company actively cooperated with CNCA. It drew 11 certification results from our company and found no problems. This result gave great recognition to our management work of quality management, risk control and standard process in this year.
In the subsequent work, Kai Xin Company will also increase the company`s self inspection efforts; enhance the certification and audit staff`s overall quality, professional competence and sense of service. We will continue to strictly control the quality and the risk, make efforts to improve the effectiveness and compliance of certification, enhance credibility, promote the popularization of certification standards and provide customers with more qualified services.

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