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The First Phase Of Branch Management Training In 2017 Was Successfully Held
Aug 19,2017

In order to improve the management ability of company headquarters and branch, meet the development needs of the company, and keep the staff ability meeting the company`s requirements, from March 2017 22 to 23, the company headquarters held the first phase of branch management training in 2017. More than 10 staff members in company headquarters and branch offices participated in the training.

In two days of training, managers of the appraisal department and the audit department summarized and analyzed the common problems in 2016, such as contract review, audit program planning and audit plan arrangement. As for contents like requirements and changes of new documents of the relevant positions and requirements and changes of laws and regulations, they also conducted training and practice by combining theory with case, so that the overall understanding and working ability of the management team got a further lift. The training was a great success.

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