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The First Phrase Of KCB Auditor Training & Communication Meeting In 2017 Was Successfully Held
Aug 19,2017

In order to improve the auditors` ability and make them understand and master the company`s various documentation requirements, on March 24, 2017, our company`s human resource department held the first phrase of auditor training & communication meeting in 2017according to the annual training plan. More than twenty auditors in our company attended the meeting.

In this training, firstly the vice general manager Miao Yu deeply analyzed matters such as the internal and external management requirements for auditors in the company, external audit not complying with the summary, on-site witness not complying with the summary and the common check problems of all levels of competent authorities. Then, by the technical manager Ji Qian, contents like CNCA implementation rules and the settlement and feedback of common problems in on-site audit are introduced in detail. Finally, Mr. Wang Hongyan of the technology department explained in detail the 2016international edition and the case analysis of common problems in audit files. At the meeting, the auditors spoke enthusiastically, cooperated actively and studied together. The questions of participant auditors have been answered, so that the audit staff capacity and overall audit level have been improved.

After the meeting, general manager Zhao Jie made a speech, to further clarify the development direction of Kai Xin, affirm the auditors’ efforts and emphasize the development principle of “Steady Growth, Striving to Innovate, Risk Prevention”, which put forward clear requirements and directions for auditors’ future certification work.

The training has achieved the desired results, and laid the foundation for the smooth implementation of the next on-site audit work of auditors

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