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ISO 14001 Certification


ISO14001 cultural background
ISO14001 is an international standard focusing on environment management system(EMS), belonging to ISO14000 standard family. With enhancement of environmental consciousness, ISO14001 has gained increasingly recognize of more and more countries.
ISO14001 covers the following contents:
     To establish environment policy
     To identify environment aspects and relevant laws and regulations to determine environment objectives, targets and environment management programs.
     To establish relevant management documents and implement environment management system
     Detect the operation of environment management system and correct the issues via inspection, internal audits and management reviews.
ISO14004 is another important standard in ISO14000 family, providing guidance for implementation and improvements of environment management system.
     Benefits of implementing ISO14001
     Strengthening public image: promotion of staff’s consciousness and understanding to major environment aspects will bring better public image for the organizations;
     Increasing incomes: reducing waste, saving the resources, and recycling use will promote organization’s beneficial result, meanwhile optimization of energy ad raw material will bring more benefits to organizations.
     Additionally, ISO14001 also can reduce cost of product, material transportation and wastes processing, which is indirect benefits.
     Increasing market shares: an organization with better environmental image will be helpful in establishing good social image and attracting customers who care for the environment, thus to enhance organization’s competitive power.
     Internal mechanism: forming the competence to satisfy environment requirement for continual improvements.
     Social benefits: the ideas for protecting air, water and soil will be enhanced and therefore ensuring potentiality of continual social and national development.

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