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ISO 22000 Certification


ISO22000 cultural background
      Food enterprises have increasingly recognized that they need to provide adequate evidence and basis to demonstrate their competence in identifying and controlling food safety hazards and many aspects that may affect food safety.
      One of the popular recognized principles of ISO22000 is hazards analysis and critical control point principle(HACCP) used for food safety management system(FSMS). The principle, implementation and relevant procedures of HACCP are developed by international food code committee, adopted by many standards related to food safety all over the world.
      The customers and/or supervising institutes of some companies require them to conform to and obtain national standards certification. That the customers have to conform to multiple standards in different countries will be a problem that the organizations must face and solve. Therefore, the international accredited ISO22000 FSMS has provided a better resolution. The organizations will avoid the troubles of conformance to different standards in many countries, adopting this international standard instead of multiple standards.
      ISO22000 FSMS requires to identify and assess all the potential hazards and risks, in order to determine the CCPs to be controlled within the organizations and food chains.
      Benefits of implementing ISO22000
      Conforming to HACCP principles
      Coordinating voluntary international standard
      Providing auditable standards, used for internal audits, self-assessment or third-party certification.
      Combined with ISO9001 and ISO14001
      Popularizing HACCP ideas all over the world
      Using core technical resources of HACCP in critical parts in the processes
      Reducing frequencies of audits to customers
      Promoting competition power and market image and promoting company image.

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