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Certification introduction

With the continuous development of informationalized level, information technology has been applied in all aspects. Consequently, the information security problems gradually become the focus of attention. The various agencies, organizations and individuals in the world are exploring the problem of how to protect information security. Through the ISO27001 information security management system, we can establish an information security system conforming to modern enterprise business and management, improve the information construction and repair security vulnerabilities, which has a great significance on long-term development of enterprises. ISO/IEC 27001 is currently the most widely used and typical information security management standard in the world. It can be applied to organizations of different scales.

Certification significance:

1To prevent information security incidents and ensure continuity and emergency recovery of the organization`s business;

2To reduce costs and lower losses due to information system failures;

3To enhance corporate reputation, improve customer confidence and maintain competitive advantage;

4To improve staff`s awareness of information security and standardize the organization’s information security behavior;

5To coordinate all levels of information management, simplify management links and improve management measures;

6To reduce legal risk.

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