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Product certification overview

Organic Product Certification

Organic product is in the most demanding level of food. It is environmentally friendly and safe food, during whose production process synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones are not allowed. It combines with green food and pollution-free food to form our country`s safe food. Organic product certification is a kind of certification made by a state-authorized and independent third-party institution according to certain standards. It aims at agricultural production methods, product processing methods, product trade behavior and some other requirements. Its purpose is to protect human health, protect resources and environment and maintain the ecological balance. The certification is the criterion of evaluation of the product quality and the production and operation behaviors of processing enterprises and trading enterprises. It is the basic guarantee of the national development of organic products as well as an important way for enterprises to expand the market, shape and improve the product image and improve economic benefit.

China Good Agricultural Practice Certification

China good agricultural practice certification (abbreviation: GAP certification) starts from the aspects of traceability, food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and employee health, safety and welfare. When controlling food safety hazards, it also takes into account both the requirements of sustainable development and the requirements of laws and regulations in China. Through the measures for the sustainable development of economy, environment and society, it ensures food safety and food quality. After China`s accession to the World Trade Organization, GAP certification has become an important condition for the import and export of agricultural products. Products with GAP certification will be more competitive in foreign markets. Through GAP certification, the agricultural standardization can be implemented from the operational level, thus improving the quality and safety level of the conventional agricultural products in our country.

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