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Certification introduction

"Organic" means a kind of product production and processing method. Organic products refer to the products for human consumption and animal food, which are produced, processed and sold in accordance with Organic Product National Standard (GB/T 19630-2011). In the production of organic agricultural products, genetic engineering creatures and products, chemical synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators and feed additives are not allowed to use. The products produced by method that follows the natural law are more healthy and safe. As the civil aviation professional and traditional certification institution, KaiXin Certification (Beijing) Co., Ltd. brings the long-held spirit of excellence into the new areas of agricultural product certification, and upholds the concept of "transferring trust, developing service". We will, as always, keep on innovating and enhance service quality and consciousness. We will insist on creating higher value for certified organizations and providing valuable, professional and efficient services!

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